Collaboration at your fingertips

Empower and align your team. Assign IT owners from every department to any technology. Give managers tools to determine the efficacy of each piece of software they’re using.

Get organized across teams

  • We make it easy - enroll SaaSTracked to add every new contract to your dashboard.
  • Teams evolve, roles change: keep an up-to-date record of owners
  • Set custom team alerts to stay on top of renewals for each department across the company

Track budget
by department

  • Monitor products, services, and spend company wide
  • Assign team leaders across departments
  • Ensure every team stays within budget - consolidate the tools not being used

Start saving at scale

  • Need to find options for cutbacks? Let us help. Contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM) for comparable solutions at cost-saving rates

Dominate eCommerce

Power your stack with SaaSTracked.
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