Driving the paradigm shift in SaaS vendor management

Disorganization and wasteful spend

inhibits growth

The average company pays for 10+ software subscriptions and uses 20+ free software services. That SaaS explosion makes spreadsheet-based management impossible – and will not help your exponential growth.

Manage your Stack

SaasTracked creates a global dashboard with a comprehensive view into all Cloud and SaaS applications purchased in the enterprise.

Renewal Timeline

Manage all SaaS vendors from one system of record with all of the data to fuel strategic and proactive renewals and negotiations.

Optimize SaaS Spending

Accurately track and report SaaS spending across all teams and apps, enabling you to eliminate overlap and waste.  Improves forecasting and benchmarking for even the most sophisticated stacks.


Stay ahead of your SaaS spend with SaaS application renewal alerts and new SaaS spend alerts.

SaaSTracked for Brands

SaaSTracked provides brands with real time visibility into their technology stack and software spend. World class companies trust SaaSTracked to inform their software decisions.

SaaSTracked for Agencies

Managing a portfolio of brands is simplified with SaaSTracked.

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